Miami is known as one of the most visited cities in the United States for its beaches, attractions, active nightlife, shopping centers, building architectures, and what many consider the ideal warm temperature all year round. However, before all of this came into place, there is much history that overtime created the amazing city Miami is today.

The first settlers of the area were known as the Paleo-Indians, which lived on south Biscayne Bay. Many years following their settlement south Biscayne Bay, along with the rest of the land from the Florida Keys towards Broward County, the population was blended with the Tequesta Indians.

In the year 1513, the Spaniards arrived into the equation. By this time the native population was very minimal, nothing near the four hundred thousand people inhabiting the area today. The invasion of the Spanish brought on hardships to these natives through wars, plagues, and other misfortunes, to the point where most of the native population became extinct over the short period of 250 years. Spain took control over Florida in 1565.

During the years 1784 through 1821, Spain worked towards the settlement of their individuals in Florida. Finally during the 1800s, Spaniards achieved to buy the lands now known as Biscayne Bay and the Miami Rivers from inhabitants of the Bahamas. A couple of years later, in 1821, the United States bought Florida off of Spain and began the process of making it an addition to the rest of the 26 states.






 On this section is compiled a short list of general facts for everyone to view.


City: Miami



State: Florida


Country: United States of America


City Mayor: Tomas Regalado


City Manager: Johnny Martinez

Official Date Incorporated: July 28, 1896

Current Population: About 399,500 *

Elevation: 6 feet above sea level

Average Summer Temperature:  76°F – 91°F        Average Winter Temperature: 59°F – 77°F

Time Zone: Eastern

State Number: 27th